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A Week-End in Lanaudière and Mauricie

Living in Montreal is such a luxury for discovering the beautiful province of Quebec during weekends. In less than 2 hours, you get to escape to breathtaking places such as the region of Lanaudière or Mauricie National Park. These regions are perfect for anyone who enjoys adventures in spring, summer, autumn or winter as they both combine relaxation and action.

Located one doorstep from Montreal, we decided to go on a weekend for some fresh air in Saint-Didace which is a little municipality in the region of Lanaudière. We visited the area for a weekend and enjoyed two nights in an inn at Thomas Lake.

Lanaudière is very popular for biking, hiking, fishing, horse riding, canoeing. In fact, there are so many wide open spaces, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. There are many resort vacations and tourist recreation activities. Also, Lanaudière is very famous for snowmobiling in winter.

As we spent two days in the region, we decided to take it easy the first day. We enjoyed sunbathing, paddle boating and kayaking on Thomas Lake. The landscapes were breathtaking. The lake was calm and relaxing. We felt like being just by ourselves in the middle of nowhere.

After having spent an amazing day by the lake, we decided to head for diner at Microbrasserie Nouvelle France. There are limited dining options around Saint-Didace and, this brewery is a great spot. It is an authentic Quebecois bistro that makes their own beer and where you can enjoy local dishes. The atmosphere is stunning. In fact, you will feel like being thrown back to the 17th century when French people arrived in Quebec.

The menu is simple and short. It consists of traditional Quebecois bistro dishes. We ordered a burger and a poutine for dinner that we enjoyed together with their in-house beer selection.

The second day, we went for a hike in Mauricie National Park. We did the cascades’ trail which was stunning. It offered sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls and easy hiking trails.

Mauricie National Park’s landscapes are breathtaking. The vast plateau is broken by magic lakes, rounded hills, refreshing waterfalls and an abundant wildlife. In fact, the park is home to black bears, moose, beavers and red foxes. Also, there are many bird species and reptiles. But it is also possible to do some fishing.

Overall, Lanaudière and Mauricie National Park are great weekend destinations as they are located only one doorstep away from Montreal. The magnificent landscapes and tranquil environments make these regions a top tourist attraction regardless of the season of the year. They are great for spring and summer for the numerous water activities. They are beautiful in autumn for the indian summer. And, they are so much fun in winter for snow-shoeing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing.

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