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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Vermont, US

This year, for the long weekend of Canada Day, we decided to head to Vermont. Vermont, also called the Green Mountain State, is a little state of heaven which offers beautiful landscapes, delicious food and tons of outdoor activities. It is home to the most original ice cream brand in the world – Ben & Jerry. But it is also the second biggest maple syrup producer in the world after Quebec.

1. Nature & Environment

Vermont is a beautiful state and one of the greenest region I have ever seen. It has a diverse fauna and flora, including a wide variety of reptiles, fishes, birds and mammals, which makes it a perfect place to go to for a hike. Those who do not love insects should hold their breath though as there are more than 15,000 species around. How great is that?

2. Lake Champlain

I literally fall in love with Lake Champlain as it reminded me of the beautiful Geneva lake. The lake is very large as it borders with Canada. It has many beaches where you can chill and go to for a swim. But it also has beautiful paths for cyclists that offer amazing views.

3. Stowe & The Mountains

Stowe is a beautiful mountain resort which is very popular among skiers. However, Stowe is also an amazing town to check out during summer because of its beautiful landscapes and proximity with the Smuggler’s Notch State Park which offers amazingviews and hiking paths.

4. Food

Bordered with Canada, Vermont is the number one state which is producing maple syrup in the US. However, the Green Mountain State is also known for their local production of artisanal cheeses. Surprisingly and unlike other states in the US, it is very rare that you get to see fast food chains around. To the contrary, restaurants promote a healthy and bistronomic cuisine, made of locally sourced ingredients.

We visited the Table Kitchen Bistro for dinner and really loved it. The menu offered amazing options made of high quality and local ingredients. I highly recommend you pay a visit if you are in the area of Waterbury.

5. Beer

Vermont has one of America’s greatest brewing scene. There are many breweries opening their doors to passionate visitors who want to know more about their hand-crafted beers. As such, do not hesitate to plan half a day to go through a beer tasting trail.

6. Burlington

Burlington is the most populous city in Vermont and the most lively one. It is less than 2 hours drive from Montreal which makes it a perfect escape for a day whether you want to go shopping, have a meal or spend some time by the lake.

7. Ben & Jerry Factory

Ice cream lovers and Ben & Jerry fans will be happy to know that Vermont is home to the original factory of the world’s most creative ice creams. So, do not miss out on your chance to visit it and enjoy a huge ice cream with any flavours you like.

8. Locavore Culture

After this trip in Vermont, I just want to be more conscious in my daily habits, meaning more healthy, green and natural. Vermont has a strong local and organic culture. Many restaurants embrace the farm-to-the-table movement and it feels like everything you eat has been sourced in the moment when being served in your plate.

9. Adventure

Oh boy! If you want to be adventurous in Vermont, you can really go crazy with it. However, if you think you may be as crazy as we were, then you may also want rent a caravan which has been transformed into a small house. Forget about bathroom & shower! These are located in the house next door.  Even though it wasn’t always easy living in a 15 meters square rudimentary house, I have to admit that it was a lot of fun.

Next time, I will definitely opt for an Eco-Resort whenever I feel like being adventurous though.

10. Some Fun

If weather isn’t clement with you when tripping around the state, then you should not miss out on going to an entertainment centre and have some fun. As such, we headed to Spare Time in Colchester to play bowling. We also went to the game zone which was so cool. It felt like being back in childhood.

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