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Top 10 Best Travel Moments of 2017

2017 is over and the least I can say is that it has been another fantastic year full of travels. I traveled to 3 different continents,  visited 2 new countries and been back to many of my favourite cities. But also, I got to discover so many places of my new hosting country – Canada. So here are my best travel moments of 2017!1. Discovering Incredible Bali

My biggest and best trip of 2017 was definitely the one I had in Bali. I totally fall in love with this paradisiac island and its beautiful sunsets, beaches, temples, landscapes, cuisine and people.2. Back in Shanghai After 9 Years

Since I had lived in Shanghai in 2008, my strongest wish was to go back to the city that was so dear to my heart. After 9 years, I made it for a week. The trip was short but sweet. I could see how this enormous megalopolis had changed and live again all the sweet memories I had from my younger years.3. Enjoying Tapas and Wine in Andalusia

In May, I visited Andalusia for a week and I absolutely loved it. The weather was warm, the food and wine were exquisite, the architecture, culture and history were amazing and the people were super friendly. This Spanish trip was a great way to end my 5 months sabbatical break.4. Christmas in Cuba

For the winter break, we decided to go to a wonderful resort in Cuba which was located in the province of Holguin. Not only we did celebrate Christmas by the beach but we also experienced everything that this beautiful resort had to offer. It was my first time in Cuba and I totally fell in love with its landscape, food and people. I simply can’t wait to go back.5. Birthday Week-End in Massachusetts

To celebrate my 33rd birthday, we went on a super nice long weekend road trip to Massachusetts. We visited the beautiful city of Boston, as well as the stunning region of Cape Cod. It felt nice having an autumn beach break.6. City Breaks in New York City

Spring 2017 was the season of city trips in New York. After having spent 3 days in the Big Apple during Easter where we shopped like crazy, dined like kings and walked the entire city like tour guides, I went back for another week early June. I can only say one thing about this city: I love New York!7.Wakeboarding in Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario

In July 2017, we did rent a huge cottage in Sandbanks with a couple of friends to spend a crazy weekend. Sandbanks was such a surprise. It had so many beautiful things to offer, including dunes, beaches, vineyards and tons of activities. 8. Road Trip in Vermont

Early July, we rented a tiny house in Vermont to spend an adventurous long weekend. Also called the Green Mountain, this little state of heaven is not only home to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream but it also has plenty of beautiful landscapes, a delicious local cuisine and tons of outdoor activities.9. Starting a New Job with a Trip in Las Vegas

As soon as I moved to Canada to start the new job, I immediately flew to Las Vegas for an annual meeting. How awesome was that? I found Vegas very impressive. Everything was made to attract the tourists’ eyes and wallet.10. Winter Wonderland in Quebec

This is my second winter in Canada and the least I can say is that I love the enchanting atmosphere of it. What I love the most is renting a cottage for a weekend, just doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying the white landscapes or snowy shows that mother earth has to offer.

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  • Great list, Bali and Cuba are on our hopeful list for next year!

  • What an awesome summary of your fruitful and meaningful 2017 travels. Have you tried having a Quebec City walking tour?

    • Thank you Edelito. Yes I definitely had a chance to have a Quebec City walking tour. I absolutely love Quebec City, such a beautiful town with an incredible dining scene 🙂

  • Wow, sounds like you had an awesome 2017! I hope you had tons of maple syrup in Vermont.

    • Thanks Marissa for your comment. I definitely did have a lot of Maple Syrup in Vermont, love it so much 🙂

  • Cuba and Bali are definitely on my bucket list 🙂 it seems like you had an amzing 2017! I wish you an even better 2018 full of new and exciting destinations!


    • Thank you so much Margherita. 2017 was definitely great and I am very much looking forward to 2018. Happy New Year 2018, full of travels as well for you.


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