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Top 10 Best Restaurants of 2017

As a foodie, dining well is one of the most important things for me. Since I have started the blog, I have been conquering even better culinary experiences than ever. So, here is a list of my top 10 best restaurants of 2017 and the best gastronomic experiences I did have.

1. Cuca Flavor, Bali

If there is one restaurant you should not miss if you happen to be in Bali, it is definitely this one. Not only Cuca will offer you a semi-gastronomic experience but it will also give you a true culinary orgasm. The concept goes about sharing small tapas-style dishes that are designed with high sophistication.

2. Locavore, Bali

Locavore is indisputably one of the best restaurants of Bali and Asia that I’ve dined at in 2017. Its locavore degustation menu knocked my socks off! I will definitely be remembering this dining experience for a very long time.

3. Park Chinois, London

London has one of my favourite dining scenes and Park Chinois did not fail to impress me. This high-end restaurant offers a luxurious Chinese culinary experience with live music and a posh decor. Without doubt, its refined menu and extravagant atmosphere are definitely worth every penny.

4. Mozaic Restaurant, Bali

Mozaic is the most famous and oldest gastronomic restaurant in Bali. It has been awarded many times as one of the best restaurants in the world. It is the perfect destination for a gourmet and romantic evening. Its degustation menu and magnificent setting did really surprise me.

5. Chez Boulay, Quebec City

Chez Boulay is a foodie heaven. It provides one of the best culinary experiences in the entire Quebec province. Ingredients are sourced locally. In fact, they are crafted out from the boreal forest to offer an authentic northern Quebecois menu.

6. People’s Eatery, Toronto

I discovered People’s Eatery during a trip in Toronto and totally fell in love with its fusion food. Every single dish was a culinary surprise. The dishes did not only taste like heaven, but they also looked like pieces of art.

7. Quality Meats, New York City

God knows how much I am fond of steaks and of having dinner at hip chophouses. Quality Meats definitely was the best steakhouse I visited in 2017. I so much loved its industrial look and premium chops.

8. Hakkasan, Shanghai

Hakkasan is a famous Michelin starred Chinese chain that I have been wanting to try since many years. Fortunately, my wish came true during my recent visit in Shanghai. 

9. La Eslava, Seville

Seville is known as Spain’s capital of tapas. And the best tapas bar that I found was definitely “La Eslava”. Its tapas were tasty, had a gastronomic touch and were beautifully presented.

10. Régine Cafe, Montreal

Régine Cafe may not be a Michelin star restaurant, but it is my favourite place for brunch in Montreal. Since I discovered it in January 2017, it has become my brunch HQ. Each dish has been thought carefully and tastes heavenly.

So, here was my top 10 list of 2017! I cannot wait to experience even better restaurants in 2018 and get to tell you about the best ones in a year from now.

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