Terrific and Colourful Breakfast at Bukit Cafe, Uluwatu

Because of Bukit Cafe, I started loving breakfast and made it an every day need when in Bali. Because of Bukit Cafe, I fall in love with chia pudding. Because of Bukit Cafe, I had high expectations towards any other cafe during my trip in Bali.

I have no other choice than admitting that Bukit Cafe is the best cafe in the island. Each time I think about it, I become speechless because my tasting senses would take over my ability to speak.  Terrific, colourful, flavoursome, tasty and PERFECT would be the words that come to my mind when thinking about the food.

Bukit Cafe is situated in a strategic location, close to Padang Padang beach. It has a bohemian contemporary look featuring natural elements.

It is not only an awesome breakfast spot but also a place for lunch and dinner. Their menu is Western inspired, yet exotic at the same time. I visited for breakfast at the beginning of my trip in Bali. As usual, I exactly knew what I was going to order even before entering the place. In fact, I had checked a lot of amazing pictures on Instagram about their food. And I knew that I wanted to try their chia pudding, despite the fact that I had no idea what exactly it was about.

The menu offered either a mango or pitaya pudding. I asked for a mixed pudding with both fruits as these are my favourite fruits. Together with my pudding, I also ordered a fresh pitaya juice.bukit-cafe-uluwatu

The food was exquisite. This pudding was the best pudding I have ever had. Also, for once, I did not feel guilty about having one. In fact, the combination of fresh mango, pitaya, chia seeds and coconut milk was very healthy. Also, not only this dish was looking beautiful but it also tasted wonderful. I also figured out that the pitaya juice was a perfect and healthy digestive medicine.

The truth is that my breakfast experience at Bukit Cafe was so amazing that I consistently had very high expectations towards other cafes I visited afterwards when in Bali.

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