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September Monthly Round Up

September has been such a wonderful month. We have had fun weekends at the cottage, my bestie came to visit me in Montreal and I have so many foodie stories to tell.

I love September! To me, September is a synonym of enjoying the last days of summer and observing the first colours of autumn. It is a pleasure to enjoy the beautiful nature with new tones, as well as taste seasonal products.


September was a very busy month at work and sadly, I had very little time to spend on the blog. Yet, I wrote some great posts including a Top 10 article about the Best Things to Do in Geneva, a city which is so dear to my heart!


My bestie from Geneva came to visit me in Montreal for a few days. It was so great to catch up after several months. We had a fantastic time together and enjoyed the city to its fullest. I took her to the best spa in town, we had a wonderful Montreal style brunch at Régine Café, and we partied like animals 🙂


Summer came very late in Montreal but it also ended very late. In fact, we could still enjoy a day at the beach in Oka National Park, take a swim in the lake and sunbath like pancakes.

We also had two wonderful weekends at the cottage with friends, one in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and the other one close to Tremblant. I personally love going away from Montreal for a weekend, especially for discovering and enjoying the new cottage we’d be staying at. But I also love being in the middle of nowhere, just enjoying the pure natural landscapes that Quebec has to offer.

Foodie Adventures

September was such a foodie month. From dining out, to cooking at home or attending cooking classes, I did it all. In terms of restaurants, my biggest find was Prunelle, a “BYOB” restaurant in Montreal. We had an exquisite 3-course menu that was tasty, delicious and flavourful, such as this wonderful duck dish.

Another foodie adventure of the month was cooking octopus. Those who follow me would know how much I love octopus. But I had never tried to cook one myself before this famous day of September! Needless to say that the beast was quite challenging to handle but I am very proud of the end result. My polpo alla gallega was delicious.

Finally, the last foodie adventure of September was attending a cooking class at Ateliers et Saveurs in downtown Montreal. This was such a fun and educating activity, that we did as part of a team building workshop with my finance team. The menu that the chef had prepared for us was outstanding. We cooked popcorn shrimps as starter, filet mignon with foie gras as main dish and a chocolate cake as dessert. Everything was so delicious, especially the filet mignon. The least I can say is that all of us were proud of the great job we had done.

So here were my great adventures from September 2017. I can’t wait to the next monthly round up article to tell you about October stories.

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