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Healthy Food and Californian Ambiance at Venice

Are you craving for an exotic vacation far away from home, such as in California for example? A vacation where you could get healthy meals, poke bowls and fresh juices? Then, I might have found the perfect holiday spot for you: Venice. 

Venice is for Venice Beach in California, a small neighbourhood of LA which is loved by hipsters, artists and surfers. But in Montreal, Venice is your tropical escape for a healthy and colourful meal. In fact, from the moment you step in, it feels like you are entering a beach restaurant.

The decor is splendid and the ambiance is very Californian: a yellow bike and a surf board are hung on the white painted wall, colourful wooden tables and chairs are perfectly mixed and matched, there are green plants here and there as well as long windows that let the fresh summer breeze enter inside the restaurant. But there is also a beautiful bar that looks like a surf-side beach bar where you can sit at and sip a cocktail. The ambiance at Venice is young and hip, with a great surfer vibe, which makes it a great lunch spot.

Opened in March 2016 in Montreal Old Town, Venice is a healthy food inspired restaurant, gluten-free and vegan friendly. The menu is compact and offers options such as healthy snacks, pizzas, salads, tacos or poke bowls. The menu also serves a large selection of fresh juices and smoothies as well as Californian wines.

Poke Bowls are the specialty here. Poke actually consists in a large open sushi roll that is served in a bowl where rice is at the bottom and topped with veggies, sauce and a choice of either tuna, salmon, shrimps or tofu. In fact, unlike many poke restaurants, Venice offers four options only.

When I visited for lunch, I ordered a tuna poke bowl which was delicious, flavourful and filling. The tuna was fresh and cold as it should be; the veggies were crisp and the sauce was not too heavy nor too present. The poke bowl came in with rice, but you could also substitute by kale. Together with a glass of Californian white wine, the lunch felt perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend you pay a visit at Venice for lunch.  The restaurant really had good vibes and the food is really nice. The entire place and menu just feel healthy both for the body and the mind.

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