Montreal Restaurant Reviews

Pizzeria No. 900

If you are up for a quick Italian and comforting meal, you must visit Pizzeria No. 900. Thanks to a simple menu, you will be served within 5 minutes following your order. Pizzas are made by well trained pizza chefs and are testified Verace Pizza Napoletana – aka true Neapolitan pizza.

Pizzeria No. 900 focuses on easy to make dishes. In fact, the menu offers cold starters and pizzas only. This means that if you are very hungry, you should be served your order very quickly. In fact, it only takes 90 seconds to cook the pizza, probably 2 minutes to get it to you or 10 minutes if there are a few orders before yours.

We visited Peel’s franchise after having spent an evening at the spa. The restaurant was centrally located in downtown. It was quite tiny but very cute with lots of lightnings and, also easygoing for a quick dinner.

We ordered a pizza calzone and a pizza margarita with extra arugula. The pizzas were very good, light and definitely Neapolitan. The dough was thick as I like it.  pizzas

Service was good. The bill was fair. We only paid CAD 30 including tax and tips for 2 pizzas. Overall, it’s a great place to stop by for a quick meal. But most importantly, pizzas are really good.

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