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Perles et Paddock, the Latest Trendy Hot Spot in Town

A Pearl has opened in Griffintown! Perles et Paddock is the latest hot spot in town for all foodies alike, cocktail lovers and party people that look for a dreamlike environment that combines great atmosphere, fantastic food and exquisite cocktails. If you want to be seen or see beautiful people, this is the place to be in town!

Opened since June 2017, Perles et Paddock is a former old garage building that has been renovated into a restaurant. Paddock refers to a horse enclosure. In fact, horse references can be seen throughout the restaurant. Perles is for “Pearl” in French and its meaning is left to the customers’ own imagination…

Trendy and stylish are the best words that would describe Perles et Paddock. The restaurant is tastefully furnished with white tones and a vegetal ambiance. The decor is neat and elegant with white walls, assorted light fixtures, light wooden tone tables and a tree in the middle of the restaurant. There are various seating areas that each have their own unique atmosphere. At the front, there are a few squared tables overlooking onto the street. In the middle, there is the bar with its high top chairs. At the back, there is a quieter dining room.

The menu offers creative market cuisine made of local, fresh and seasonal products. It is short as it includes about 5 starters and 5 main dishes, including seafood, meat, vegetarian and vegan options. There are also a few desserts. From a beverage standpoint, there is not one, nor two but three menus. The beer selection is very vast. The wine list puts an emphasis on organic and natural bottles. And last but not least, there is also a very original cocktail menu, that offers original creations which are totally out of this world.

We were a group of four girl friends and we started the evening really well with a few cocktails and a friendly service. The vodka sour was a highlight, as it wasn’t only fantastic for the taste buds but also Instagram worthy.

In terms of food, we went all in. We ordered a starter, a main dish and a dessert! In fact, dishes looked so mouthwatering. To start, I had the organic Irish salmon with smoked creme fraiche, beets and kiwi. The thickly sliced salmon was sensational and fresh. Also, the combination of various textures and flavours was lovely, including some crispy, sour and refreshing sensations.

My friends ordered the corn espuma with octopus, gorria pepper, orange and mujol caviar. The dish looked superb. I did not taste it but I understood from my friends that it was fantastic.

As main dish, I ordered the Icelandic cod with salsify, brussels sprouts, horseradish and poppy seeds. The fish was cooked to perfection and the dosage of ingredients was wonderfully balanced. The taste of all different ingredients was harmonious. I also loved the touch of poppy seeds which was giving a crunchy texture to the entire dish.

My friends had the duck & swiss chard with cranberry jus, french green beans and oyster mushrooms. This dish is a favourite of the restaurant. The plate was beautifully presented and looked so mouthwatering. Again, I did not try it but I got to hear that the duck was cooked to perfection and that the combination of all ingredients was extraordinary.

Finally, it was time for dessert. Despite the fact of not having any room left, we could not help ordering dessert as we wanted to continue being surprised.  I had the verbena panna cotta with sea buckthorn and apple crumble and, one of my friends had the chocolate bark with chocolate crumble, mandarin, and dark chocolate ice cream. The other two gave up on desserts. The panna cotta was highly perfumed and totally vegan as it was made with soy milk. For a dessert, it felt rather light and not too sweet, which is perfect for those who like ending on a sweet note but not too sweet.

Overall, we had a fantastic dinner at Perles et Paddock. All dishes we tasted were unanimously a hit. The cocktails were out of this world. The service was professional and courteous from start to finish. Obviously, this is not the type of restaurant you would go on a random day but rather to celebrate a special occasion. However, if you want to get out of the ordinary, you must try Perles et Paddock.

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  • Everything looks delicious! Definitely adding the restaurant to my list of places to visit.

    • Definitely! This restaurant was a little jewel and the food… oh my god 😊😋


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