Global Fusion Dining at People’s Eatery, Toronto

People’s Eatery is one of the best restaurants I have visited in 2017. This vibrant restaurant is a little gem that perfectly represents Toronto’s food culture by mixing all cultures of all people in delicious harmony. 

Opened since summer 2014, People’s Eatery is a trendy and delicious venue in Chinatown, which once was the Jewish neighbourhood of the city. Its fantastic small plate sharing concept offers a unique dining experience where the history of the strip meets the present of the east-asian culture.

The restaurant is opened until 2am every day. It is not easy to spot from the street. Its chic black minimalist entry gives way to a long green marble bar and a modern dining area. The atmosphere is casual, yet vibrant with cooly dark tones, candlelit lightning and entertaining music. The restaurant is very popular among  young and stylish crowds.

People’s Eatery a-la-carte menu is designed for sharing. It is themed around the street it resides and is meant to be largely representative of the diversity of Toronto, with a focus on the past and future. It offers a variety of multi-cultural dishes that are executed perfectly. All plates are beautiful and flavourful. Every item of food is incredible and unique. Each bite is to die for.

We started dinner by sharing two succulent cold plates. The first one was the BTC or “bo tai chanh” which consisted in a vietnamese rare beef salad dressed with peanut, lime, chili, nuoc mam mayo and shrimp crackers. The plate was beautifully presented and tasted insanely good. When having all ingredients in one bite, I got submerged by an endless number of flavours and textures. The salad felt so fresh and delicious. 

After the first dish, I was excited to get to discover the second one which was the HDB or “hwe dup bap”. It consisted of a Korean style sashimi salad that came with many ingredients that we got to mix table-side. This dish was mouthwatering. It had a lot of components that added to the crunch, such as crunchy puffed rice or crispy lettuce.

We then moved to the hot plates that also created a sensation, starting with the testina, peach mostarda and polenta dish. This plate was not only looking beautiful, but also tasted wonderful. The sweet and salty mixture was flavourful, yet delicate.

The last dish before dessert was the miso glazed eggplant. This was also incredible, especially when eaten with every element that it was presented with.

Finally, the cherry on the cake was dessert.  There were a few options available but the most attractive one definitely was the chocolate and peanut butter delight. It was made of chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse, peanut butter brittle and salted caramel ice cream. The dessert was divine. If heaven had a taste, this is what it would definitely taste like.

Overall, I had a memorable dining experience at People’s Eatery. Each dish was unique and gave me the curiosity of getting to discover the next one. Prices are rather on the high end but it is totally worth it. I can’t wait to go back.

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