A Nippon Moment at Paku Paku

Paku Paku is a trendy Japanese restaurant located in Carouge, a cute little neighborhood of Geneva. Despite its remote location from the city center, this isakaya – bistro in Japanese – is often fully booked and it won’t take you long to understand the reason why.

Paku Paku has a specific concept which goes about sharing food with friends. Its Japanese bistro style atmosphere will enchant you and entertain you. It is very lively on Friday and Saturday nights. The table setting is diverse so that you can choose where you feel like sitting – high tables, low tables, bar area – you have many options to enjoy some good food and cocktails.paku-paku

We visited on a Friday night and had booked two seats at the bar. However, when we arrived at the restaurant, the waiter who took care of us was so sweet that he prepared a table for us. He actually turned out to be very helpful and kind to us throughout the entire evening.

As soon as we sat down, we immediately ordered a margarita and a mojito. The food menu was Japanese and fusion style.  To start, we had the shrimps raviolis and the chicken coriander rolls. The raviolis were delicious; the rolls were nice but less impressive.starter

To continue, we had the beef tataki and udon noodles with giant shrimps. Food was very good. It could not be compared to top notch restaurants like Nobu or Zuma but the concept at Paku Paku was also completely different. Yet, dishes were very tasty, fulfilling and excellent value for money.meal

I would highly recommend Paku Paku; it is a great restaurant to have an amazing evening at. If you visit Carouge, my tip is also to go to the bar next door called “Qu’Importe” for a glass of wine. I guarantee that your Carouge experience will be more complete if you do so.

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