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French Dining at La Prunelle – A BYOB Restaurant

I have visited La Prunelle twice in the past three months and really loved it! The best part of dining there is that you can bring your favourite bottles of wine while tasting high-end seasonal french fare and being pampered by a wonderful staff.

Opened since 1999, La Prunelle is a BYOB venue on popular Duluth Street, at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. The restaurant is a small cosy place that offers outstanding French fare and an excellent service.

The rustic decor with large windows make you feel part of the neighbourhood. In summer, the restaurant opens the garage doors to make it an open air eatery.

The menu offers a great variety of dishes that are inspired from French cuisine, with Nordic influences. Food is delicious and seasonal. It can be enjoyed in the form of a tasting menu that includes an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert and coffee or tea. Dishes are inventive and prepared with high quality locally sourced products. And the best part is that you can bring your own wine.

I visited La Prunelle twice this winter and opted for different dishes each time. As a starter, I enjoyed the beef tartare with an oyster and rosemary emulsion, white turnip and Saskatoon berries. The tartare was flavourful. The meat was soft and fresh. AIt was the perfect dish to start a culinary experience.

During a previous visit, I had also tried the mushrooms with truffle oil and cheddar cheese on a buckwheat pancake. This vegetarian starter was very tasty but also filling. The portion of mushrooms was generous which I liked.

After the starter, the waitress served me a “drink break” or “trou normand” in French. It consisted of home made apple sorbet in apple cider. This was a refreshing “break” in-between two dishes.

We continued with the main dishes. During my recent visit, I ordered the grilled flanked steak with cheddar mashed potatoes, pancetta, caramelized cipollini and gramolata. As the restaurant had run out of steak on that evening, they offered to replace it with a bison medallion instead. In my head, it was the jackpot as I love bison even more than beef! Needless to say that this dish did not only look mouthwatering but it also tasted divine. The meat was cooked to perfection and the sauce was succulent. 

During a previous visit, I had ordered the duck breast that came with roasted baby potatoes, kale, blackberries and wild rose. The duck was excellent and well worth a try. The combination of sweet and salty ingredients were creating a delicious explosion for the palate.

For dessert, I did try the revisited lemon tart with lemon cream, meringue, shortbread and passion fruit. I also tried the 3 layered cake with dark and white chocolate, pecans and red beet; as well as the truffled chocolate cake. All three desserts were delicious. The lemon dessert was refreshing. The 3 layered cake was outstanding and the truffled chocolate cake was mind-blowing. To note, the tasting menu includes coffee or tea together with dessert.

Overall, La Prunelle offers an amazing tasting menu that definitely delivers. The restaurant is realy worth a visit. It is very good value for money and one of the finest dining experiences in le Plateau Mont-Royal. I personally can’t wait to go back.

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