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Frite Alors! An Oufti Perspective to French Fries

Frite Alors Montreal

Frite Alors is a restaurant chain in Montreal that claims to make Belgian style fries and serve one of the best poutines in town.

On a Sunday evening, when I really did not feel like cooking, we decided to go to Frite Alors and get something take away. Frite Alors happens to be in front of home, hence the easiest option for a lazy Sunday night dinner.

The menu is quite simple. It mostly consists of french fries, poutines, burgers and sandwiches. We decided to go for a poutine so that we could also try their fries. Being Belgian and a connoisseur of french fries, I tend to have high expectations. And as they claim to make Belgian style fries, I wanted to give it a try.Frite Alors Montreal

We had the Porc Effiloché and Vladimir Poutine. The cheese portion on top of the fries was very generous and overall it tasted good. I was actually pleased to try a typical Quebecois dish. Now, let’s talk about the french fries. The fries were good but not as in Belgium. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the them very much but as a national of the number 1 fries’ country in the world, I believe that it is my duty to share my honest oufti perspective. And my feedback is valid for any place that claims to offers Belgian fries in Montreal, not only Frites Alors.

We did not sit down to eat in the restaurant but it looked quite chilled and cosy. Yet, the chilled and cosy atmosphere of home was more appealing to us that night, as we had just come back from our holidays and were exhausted.

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