An Extraordinary Culinary Journey at Cuca Flavor, Jimbaran

cuca flavor

I really do not know where to start explaining about the outstanding gastronomic experience I have had at Cuca Flavor Restaurant in Jimbaran, during my trip in Bali. Not only the food was top notch but, it felt like a culinary orgasm.

Cuca claims to offer a casual dining experience both in atmosphere and pricing in order to fully focus on the food. The concept at Cuca is about sharing small tapas style of dishes. Each dish is unique and designed with high sophistication, meaning that each dish is full of flavours, and elegantly presented. In fact, Canadian Chef Kevin Cherkas perfectly combines the 100% locally sourced Balinese and Indonesian ingredients in order to create delightful international inspired dishes.

Being slightly obsessive about food, I do read a lot about a restaurant before visiting it. In that sense, I exactly knew what I wanted to try from the outstanding menu that Cuca has put together.

To start my culinary journey, the staff kindly offered me an amuse-bouche which was made of chicken broth but looked like cotton candy. I had it in one bite and my palate was positively surprised; It felt funny but tasted yummy.

After the awesome bite, I was served my first tapas dish which consisted in two baked scallops, mashed cauliflowers and toasted butter crust. The combination of ingredients was so perfect that I almost had a culinary heart attack. I have no words to describe how good it tasted, you just got to try it.

My second tapas dish consisted in roasted pork buns. These little buns were filled with honey glazed bbq pork, pickled cabbage, coriander and topped with pine nuts. This dish was mouthwatering and truly tasty. I could have it every day.

My third tapas was the bbq octopus, which was served with asian gazpacho, fresh apple, caramelized cauliflower and coriander. The gazpacho was very refreshing. Also, the combination of cauliflower, apple and octopus was very interesting. I had never had octopus this way and really loved it.

My fourth tapas was the marinated pulled pork, roasted onions, soft boiled egg with crispy potatoes strings. The idea with this dish was to cut the egg in two so that the yolk would mix with the other ingredients. What an awesome dish.

Finally, despite the fact that I could not take it anymore, I could not resist having Cuca’s signature dessert: the Bali Breakfast. This dessert was delicious, light, and so flavoursome. The combination of mango and coconut was exquisite. I really loved it so much that not only I finished it all but I almost passed out from being in ecstasies 🙂

I had not booked before going to Cuca. The restaurant staff was extremely kind and sweet as they immediately welcomed me. I chose to sit at the bar, so that I could enjoy the view on the open kitchen and admire the chefs cooking. It turned out that I actually had chosen a very privileged seat as I could interact with the chefs. Service was simply perfect throughout the dinner. Dishes were served one after another in a timely manner. The staff consistently checked on me to make sure I was having a great experience.

I really loved the gastronomic experience at Cuca. Food was so delightful that I had one of the most pleasant culinary meals ever and, at very democratic prices. I actually got speechless after this amazing dinner and I would definitely love to go back at Cuca. If there is one restaurant you should not miss when visiting Bali, it is definitely this one.

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