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Best Restaurants in New York City

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Top 10 Best Places to Eat in New York City

New York City has indisputably one of the most varied and diverse food scenes in the world. The Big Apple is such a mega multicultural melting pot that it is most likely impossible to find a global cuisine that is not represented. From Michelin Starred restaurants, to trendy places, to endless brunch spots and burger joints, you can get it all. So here is a list of the top 10 spots you should not miss out on, no matter what!

New York City

Asian Food, Sexy Decor and Surreal Scene at Buddakan

Dress to impress is the code at Buddakan. This immense Asian temple is the hit restaurant to go to for a sexy night out in Manhattan. It represents what New York City dining scene means at its finest. Classy, trendy, fun and exclusive are the watchwords that best describe it. Needless to say that people go there not only to have an amazing dinner but also to see and be seen.

New York City

Keens Steakhouse, Manhattan’s Most Legendary Steakhouse Restaurant

If you are a meat lover and in New York, you just can’t miss having dinner at Keens Steakhouse. This NYC institution offers incredible prime steaks and mutton chops. You will be thrown back in history and live a unique experience thanks to its classy atmosphere and succulent food. So start planning your romantic evening at Keens right now because what will follow will make your mouth water and really blow you away.