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Restaurant Reviews in Bali.

Bali Top 10's

Top 10 Best Restaurants and Cafes in Bali

Bali has fast become a top culinary destination and food odyssey in Asia. The food scene keeps on growing day by day to offer some of the most bustling venues in the continent. The island has numerous award winning chefs, which have contributed to its food culture. From refined gastronomic restaurants, to local culinary experiences, Bali is a foodies’ paradise.

Bali Top 10's

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Bali

Bali is known as a paradisiac destination. It is often called island of gods or the island of love. Bali is a place for inspiration, with its artistic scenery, temples, yoga retreats, beautiful beaches and landscapes. Also, it is a wonderful destination for everyone, including foodies, luxury travellers, adventurers and backpackers. Not only you will fall in love with Bali, but you would not want to leave. The number of activities to do in the island is endless and hereunder is my top 10!


No Bad Day with Cafe Organic Bali

Cafe Organic is probably the most popular cafe in Bali. If you go on Instagram and look for Bali related accounts, you will quickly realize that Cafe Organic often pops up in people’s feeds.  Bloggers, millennials and other fans do all head out to this famous cafe to shoot and picture their organic moments. Needless to say that I also had to be part of the game.


Casa Luna Cooking School, Ubud

Bali is known to be the Island of Gods but I also think that it is the island of a million flavours. The local cuisine is rich and diverse, with some Chinese and Indian influences. I really love eating local when travelling abroad. But in Bali I also wanted to discover the secrets of Balinese food.  This is the reason why I decided to take part in a cooking class at one of the most reputable schools in the island, Casa Luna.