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Restaurant Reviews in Montreal.


Fine Dining at Le Filet

After having heard so much praise about Le Filet, we decided to check it out and understand what all the buzz was about. We visited this reputable restaurant to celebrate a special event and needless to say that I had very high expectations towards it. Le Filet did not only meet my expectations but also exceeded them.

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Caribou Gourmand: This Is Canada

Caribou Gourmand is pretty new in the restaurant scene of Montreal and a great addition to Mile-End. It intends to honour Canadian traditions while bringing some French touch to it. The restaurant’s name is a great translation and reflection of the country’s game food and interior countryside ambiance. But the French sophistication to things does not fail.


Vegan Lunch at Aux Vivres

After Bali, my vegan obsession continues in Montreal! Honestly, it really looks like the world is turning greener and that vegan cafes are growing at the speed of light. As a meat lover, I would have never expected I could be turning into a vegan food hunter but I somehow did. As such, I decided to visit Aux Vivres, which is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in town.


In LOV in Montreal

Montreal’s Vegetarians and Vegans have a new home since a few months. Its name is LOV. Even if you are not fond of veggies, you will enjoy its Local, Organic and Vego food. Hence, meat lovers don’t hold your breath because LOV will also get your heart. At the end of the day, who cant fall in love with a place called LOV? 

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Sugar Shack Domaine Labranche

Oh My God! Such a pity Gargantua is just a myth and can’t get a chance to try the bottomless meal from the fantastic sugar shack Labranche. Needless to say that this is an opportunity for us to actually play that role for a few hours by stuffing ourselves with yummy dishes from Quebec and tons of maple syrup.