French Bistronomy at Café Trama, Paris

If you are in Paris and feel like having a true French dining experience in a casual setting, then look no further than Café Trama. This wonderful restaurant translates what French bistronomy means at its finest.

Located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood, Café Trama is a bistro filled with a mix of affluent young and beautiful locals. Set far away from all tourist traps, this beautiful restaurant has an art deco design with small square tables, a counter bar, moleskin benches and wall slates. The ambiance is groovy and trendy with great music and lightning. The entire atmosphere somehow feels like if you were back in the fifties.

Café Trama is a great place to head to if you thrive to get a taste of French cuisine. It combines authenticity and gastronomy by offering inventive bistro cuisine. Dishes are sophisticated and carefully prepared by a very talented chef who uses top quality ingredients that are combined perfectly.

The menu holds in one page and serves a great variety of extraordinary flavours. It offers traditional dishes with a hint of modern and exotic touch, that would highly satisfy any “connoisseurs”. For example, you could try the truffle croque monsieur or the beef tartar “à la thaie”.

Café Trama also has a great selection of wines which are mostly natural and coming from regional producers. If you do not know which wine to chose, do not hesitate to ask the staff. The personnel is of a great advice, charming and attentive. In fact,  they make sure that you are cherished as a customer.

I visited Café Trama with two friends on a Friday night. As we did not have a gargantuan hunger, we decided to skip the starters and jump straight the main dish.

I ordered the dish of the day which consisted in a sea bream fillet accompanied with kale, spinach and a coconut espuma. The dish was extremely tasty and flavoursome. The fish was cooked to perfection and had the right firmness. Also, the accompanying veggies and sauce matched perfectly. The entire meal actually felt very light and healthy. I really loved it.

My friends had the prime cut of black angus with baked mini potatoes and bone marrow as well as the vegetarian dish which included a poached egg. They also gave very positive feedback about their meals.

Overall, all dishes were excellent and nicely presented. They were made of high quality ingredients that were simply prepared but extremely flavoursome.

For dessert, we shared a sweet chestnut fondant and a chocolate tart with a passion fruit coulis. Both were very good but I must admit that I had a crush for the chocolate tart which felt like a sweet explosion in my mouth.

Overall, we had a fantastic evening and dinner at Café Trama thanks to the good vibes, great service and delicious food. I would highly recommend you pay a visit at this beautiful bistro when in Paris. Reservations are highly recommended as the restaurant is often very busy, especially during the weekends.

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