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Brunch at Régine Café

Montreal is indisputably a city that hosts some of the most amazing brunch places worldwide. Yet, there is one specific cafe that stands out in its brunching scene: Régine Café.

Régine Café is an upscale brunch place nestled in Rosemont, which offers top notch breakfast dishes all day long in a hip and retro atmosphere.

As the cafe is very popular in Montreal, there is a high likelihood that you may need to queue. No reservations are possible during the weekend. I decided to visit during a week day, hoping there would be no queue but I was wrong.  I did not get discouraged though and decided to wait. Lining up wasn’t so painful thanks to the wonderful staff who offered each customers a delicious cup of tea while queuing.

Once I made it inside the cafe, the real fun actually started. I was sit at the bar which I absolutely loved as I had a view on the entire cafe and of what was happening at the bar. The atmosphere was lovely. I felt like being at grandma’s thanks to the vintage and classy decor. There were old fashioned lamps and retro velvet sofas and other vintage items.

The menu was fantastic and every single dish seemed mouthwatering. While I would think which one to pick, I ordered a glass of bubbles.

After having read the menu twice, I still could not make up my mind. In fact, I wish I could have ordered all of these dishes but I eventually decided to go for the “champi” meal which consisted of a toast with melted cheese, mushrooms and a scotch egg. I have no words to describe how I felt when I tasted the first bite. But I will simplify by saying that this was most probably the yummiest breakfast dish I have ever had. The scotch egg was to die for and the mushrooms were cooked in a delicious gravy.

There were also amazing cakes and brioches at the bar which looked delicious. It was very hard to look at them and not order one.

Overall, brunching at Régine Café was a unique culinary experience which I highly recommend. I really loved everything about this place and especially the amazing brunch dish which was delightful.

Thanks Régine! I will definitely come back 🙂

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