Authentic Bistro Dinner at Brasserie Lipp

Brasserie Lipp is an amazing authentic Parisian bistro which you can find in Paris and Switzerland only. The brasserie of Geneva is located at the heart of the city, in the Confederation Center.  This restaurant is the perfect destination to celebrate, share time with friends or family and, enjoy delicious and authentic French food.

I have been to Brasserie Lipp a few times and each visit has been a unique experience.  My last visit dates from last night as I went back with a friend to enjoy a comfort meal in a cold autumn day. This restaurant is with no doubt the busiest and most lively restaurant of Geneva, even on a Sunday night. We had not booked in advanced when we visited but we were lucky to get a table immediately. Nevertheless, I would recommend you book in advance as the brasserie can get fully booked pretty quickly.

Brasserie Lipp is a favorite of mine in Geneva. The restaurant’s atmosphere and decor are unique. Thanks to the three distinctive areas within the restaurant, you can opt either for a cosy and comfort meal in the bistro area or, for a chic and romantic meal in the beautiful winter garden area or, for a fresh meal in the beautiful outdoor terrace during warm summer days.

The bistro area is extremely lively and has an authentic Parisian bistro decor. You can go there at any time of the day, let it be for lunch, dinner, or just to take a coffee.bistro

The garden area is more quiet, chic and romantic. You will feel like being in summer by dining in this garden, which has been nicely decorated.

Finally, the outdoor terrace is also nice for warm summer days to enjoy the weather and some fresh seafood. Whatever is the area you sit, you will have an amazing time in this brasserie.terrace

The food menu and wine list at Brasserie Lipp are exceptional.  The menu is split into three parts: there are seafood options and platters; the authentic bistro dishes and the standard “a la carte” meat and fish dishes which you could find in most of Parisian restaurants. In addition to this, the restaurant offers seasonal suggestion which are delightful. The wine list is also extensive and has high quality wines.

During my previous visits, I had tried a seafood platter, the lamb shank and the rib steak together with a bone marrow. All dishes were mouthwatering and extremely tasty. The seafood platter was impressive and very fresh. The steak was also very good and came with fries. And the lamb shank was simply exquisite. The lamb was cooked to perfection as the meat fell off the bone by itself. This is a dish I would remember from Brasserie Lipp, together with the deer steak which I have had last night.

As we are approaching winter, the restaurant’s suggestions for November consisted of game dishes. As such, I decided to go for a deer steak which was extremely well cooked and served with a multitude of veggies and carbs. The deer was accompanied with foie gras and a cranberry sauce. It came together with cabbage, carrots, apple, chestnuts and spaetzle – aka the Swiss pasta.
main-dish3The combination of all these ingredients looked beautiful on the plate and mouthwatering. It also tasted amazing. Everything was so yummy that I could not help finishing it all. The portion was pretty consistent. Hence, I could not get a chance to try one of their amazing desserts.

Finally, one last thing that is worth mentioning about Brasserie Lipp is the amazing service. The staff is very available, kind and helpful. More than one person will take care of you so that you feel comfortable and get everything you need as fast as possible. The service is definitely above average for Geneva standards.

I would definitely recommend Brasserie Lipp for a lunch, dinner or just for taking a coffee. As far as I am concerned, I know that I would go back.

*To note, indoor bistro and outdoor terrace pictures were downloaded from the Brasserie Lipp website.

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