Quebec City

Nordic Cuisine at Chez Boulay – Bistro Boréal in Quebec City

There is something special about Chez Boulay – Bistro Boréal. Besides being a foodie heaven and providing the best restaurant experience in the entire Quebec Province, it has a pure and honest philosophy. In fact, not only ingredients are sourced locally and crafted out from the boreal forest but the restaurant also has a social commitment to charities.


Top 10 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai the craziest and most enchanting Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The city is mix of profound traditions and futuristic visions. It somehow feels like “The Thousand and One Nights”. You can find everything in Dubai, from the world’s greatest skyscrapers, to luxurious resorts, fantastic restaurants, entertaining malls and crazy parties.

Canada Quebec City

A Day in Île d’Orléans and Montmorency Falls, Quebec

Île d’Orléans – also known as the “Garden of Quebec” – is a perfect destination for cyclist or families for a day trip from Quebec City. Located in the Saint-Lawrence river, Île d’Orléans is an enchanting island where you can experience agri-tourism, scenery and heritage. The island has many breathtaking viewpoints, including one over the Montmorency Falls.

Travel & Food

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Vermont, US

This year, for the long weekend of Canada Day, we decided to head to Vermont. Vermont, also called the Green Mountain State, is a little state of heaven which offers beautiful landscapes, delicious food and tons of outdoor activities. It is home to the most original ice cream brand in the world – Ben & Jerry. But it is also the second biggest maple syrup producer in the world after Quebec.